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Batch scriping and screen savers


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hey guys, i have a couple of problems that i hope you could give me a shout out on.

I have a win2k3 active directory network and i need to do 2 things.

1. i need a batch/vbs script to run a defrag at specific times of the day (wich shouldnt be too hard, i just cant remember the commands to set the run times)

2. i wish to have the ssmypics.scr screensaver on all my domain systems. now this is not a problem, its just adding the right rule in group policys. the problem lies with the fact that i want it to point to a UNC to grab its pics after being set on a computer it will just link to the default pics folder unless you set it on the machine specificly to point to the UNC. Now this wouldnt normally be a problem but the boss man wants this on all 120 pcs across 4 sites wich are at opposite ends of the country. so i do really need to find a way of doing this automaticly.

i tried ripping out all the registy info associated with the ssmypics screen saver and applying that, but it does not work. i even tried making an msi install, but that didnt work either! im at a dead end with this one, any suggestions would be greatly aprecited.


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these computers are on the showroom floor where there are customers walking around and they are pics of the latest products wich is why i want them to point to a UNC where i can change the pics and it will affect all the comps without me having to do anything.

there is method in the madness

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Since we live in England we use the .co.uk doamin, so if you need to you can block coockies from google.co.uk and still use the web interface for google mail. otehr wise block coockies from both google.com and google.co.uk.

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first thing i did was spend a good 2 hours looking around, if you notice, what you found is also what i have alread tried (editing the path in the registry) this does not work with my situation at all. with one computer with local users rather then domain users, yes it does work, but when trowing that config over a domain and onto a bunch of win2k and win xp machines it is completly useless.

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