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ring phone as soon as it connects to pineapple


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hey guys

Something just came up on my mind: y'all know google's find my phone right? You can't find it, you start the service and let it ring. Pretty useful, you don't have to spend hours searching it.

Now, just in theory, would it be possible to let a phone ring as soon as it connects to the pineapple? I mean, you can't find your phone, you start PineAP, your device auto-connects, you let it ring :). That'd be really damn cool.

Does anyone have an idea?

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On 11/29/2020 at 3:41 PM, Ryan_J said:


You could easily achieve this by using Macdroid on your phone.I’m assuming it must be an android device. You could create a macro that would instruct your phone to play a sound (ringtone) when connected to a specific Wi-Fi network. 


Hm okay, so I've tried to think of a way to achieve this without having to install the app.

I thought about a captiveportal which uses javascript to vibrate the phone. However, that's only going to work if the user opens the phone and then the captive portal pops up.

Does anyone maybe have an idea?

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