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Sim Hacks


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Stop looking you are confusing and comingling partial points of my life and not being given understanding or factual things one byte. 

Fixed my email first of all, no godaddy sold a URL I once had not my primary URL.

So besides deleting my concerns away as Seattle is great with blind eyes to real problems such as staying in touch with the hospital or calendar for monthly errands ad needs liek food, laundry supplies. That's because they do not have not conventional means of courting with people see the Seattle freeze.

Same question still applies to those moderating and my Phone and ISP whom can read and see the details of phone hack I brought up just yesterday Fox.

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The original post yesterday centered around ethically looking at these odd sim numbers that "Foxtrot et. all" (those don't really treat me with respect) deleted. I'm also looking for any of the code stored onto my sim card from an external threat, which tricks my phone into believing there is no battery, before shutting off. The reason the sim was first so suspect is that removing the sim card and changing bring the program to a halt and things go back hours and hours later. The hacks first attempts was loop as it only increased the speed of battery drainage to obviuosly noticeable. The most recent seems to just change a registry key in the os to say it's dead when XYZ controlling people in the region decide to execute from nearby and maybe to appease the grudge of mentally disabled man the police won't honor a protection order with. The sim mangling was confirmed when something was odd the sim replaced by a flustered sale floor associate at a flag ship cell phone store in the major city. She left saying those are no the sim card numbers we sent you when the sim was replaced seemed to be asking me why it was that way confirmed I did had a legit subscription. Currently none of my thousands of dollars worth of devices from hack 5 let me read sim chips to check but I'd welcome insights to this happening in the threat detection circles or ways to read the chips myself.

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