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Key Croc not working out of the box


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I just received my new key croc and it will not allow my keystrokes to pass through the device. All the led lights are working properly and in good order.  I open a notepad and cannot type anything on the screen.  I am thinking that maybe it is not compatible with my corsair k63 keyboard? Or is there another configuration issue that I may be overlooking?  Please help  Right now this is a $100 brick with fancy flashing led lol Thanks in advance

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The key croc will not operate as decribed and demonstrated in the videos and the forums  I have been in IT for 2 years now and hold Network+ and Security+ certs in addition to a bootcamp at GA Tech  I have spent literally 4 days trying to get it to execute basic commands such as opening a command prompt or powershell in windows  I am able to get them to open but as soon as the script starts issuing commands into the terminal the text gets jumbled up and bits and pieces are missing causing the payload to crash

I dont know what to do at this point  I have tried multiple (5) different brands models of keyboards but no such luck  (Corsair, logitech, HP, insignia 🙃)  I have also spent 2 days trying to get the croc to connect to the C2 server- with no luck  I am thinking maybe there is an issue with the new firmware???  This is driving me absolutely insane  I have a final project due in less than 2 weeks and now I am thinking I will have to scrap the whole thing and start researching something else 

Is anyone else experiencing these issues with the key croc???



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