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  1. MATCH Z WAIT_FOR_KEYBOARD_INACTIVITY 300 Like this???? Or does it need a Q?
  2. I have tried the wait for keyboard inactivity with as much as 300. I can't get it to work. I am.inserting it after the MATCH line is this the correct spot for it?
  3. I am now having issue with getting the QUACK LOCK UNLOCK commands to operate Also the WAIT_FOR_KEYBOARD_INACTIVITY is not operating either Any suggestions for these? Thanks
  4. so It did not work initially And I looked into the numberlock issue also That was not the problem HOWEVER the problem did happen to be related to the numbers I noticed after slowing the payload down that every time I tried to execute a number the script would fail It would not output any numbers on the screen After further investigation, this problem was related to the fact that I was using the corsair (problem keyboard) to write the script in Notepad...... If i type the numbers in the script using the logitech keyboard INSTEAD of the corsair the script will execute as written Strange lol
  5. Thank you sir I will try this after class Much appreciated
  6. RootJunky. Thank you for your reply. I have tried the script with and without β€œβ€ already. I have not tried the () or the /. I will not be at a computer for a few hours as I am working. Is it possible for you to post an example line from my script showing your method of syntax?? Thank you
  7. I am running the latest firmware 1.3_510. If you need anything else let me know Thanks
  8. brish I am also not able to connect to c2 server I did get my wifi up and running but it has not once connected to the cloud instance Also I am having issues with the payloads not executing properly due to the quack strings not executing as I have them written in the notepad script It is adding characters and not putting characters in and causing teh payload to fail catostrophically I have had the device for about a week and I am about ready to give up on it It has been one issue after another
  9. *****UPDATE******* The key croc will not operate as decribed and demonstrated in the videos and the forums I have been in IT for 2 years now and hold Network+ and Security+ certs in addition to a bootcamp at GA Tech I have spent literally 4 days trying to get it to execute basic commands such as opening a command prompt or powershell in windows I am able to get them to open but as soon as the script starts issuing commands into the terminal the text gets jumbled up and bits and pieces are missing causing the payload to crash I dont know what to do at this point I have tried multiple (5) different brands models of keyboards but no such luck (Corsair, logitech, HP, insignia πŸ™ƒ) I have also spent 2 days trying to get the croc to connect to the C2 server- with no luck I am thinking maybe there is an issue with the new firmware??? This is driving me absolutely insane I have a final project due in less than 2 weeks and now I am thinking I will have to scrap the whole thing and start researching something else Is anyone else experiencing these issues with the key croc???
  10. I have written several scripts for the keycroc and when the MATCH is triggered the payload fails because it not typing my STRING correctly or as I have typed it in the file??!! I have used multiple keyboards and the one I am currently using is a logitech wireless model k360 This is driving me nuts Any comment or suggestions would be appreciated Thank you
  11. I am having issues getting my key croc to connect to the C2 server I have moved to device.config file to the udisk using both the explorer and the command prompt with no luck Any suggestions? Thank you
  12. I take it your screen name is 40tries later because of thisπŸ˜€ I literally spent all day with this and suspected it but then I saw this thread lol Good thing is though- now I know CORSAIR makes pretty secure keyboards 🀣
  13. yep just got a insignia key board and it works like a charm!!
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