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  1. Hi Darren, seems that Finder is copying in strange way. Just drag & dropped it from my downloads folder onto the keycroc and it didn't work. After scp'ing it via terminal I had no issues with connecting. 😕
  2. Nevermind. Got it. Seems to be a problem when copying from OSX Machine via finder to the device. So if you having trouble also, try to scp directly 😉
  3. Hi, I'm not shure if i'm in the right forum because i don't know if its a C2Cloud or a Keycroc or a user issue 😕 I've got my keycroc last week and configured it over the weekend and played around. Now i have installed C2Cloud on a AWS Lightsail Instace and it's running fine. I've downloaded the device.config and scp'd it over to the keycroc (so its online in my wireless network) but the device never gonna connect to the c2 installation. 😕 C2 is running with certificate. Service status seems fine. I opened the ports tcp/80, tcp/8080, tcp/22, tcp/2022 and tcp/443 incoming. Do
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