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Coding/Batch scripting help


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Hey guys I'm kinda working on this script was wondering if someone might be able to advise me a little. What I'm wanting is something similar to the USB U3 technology. When I insert the usb I would like the script to be executed but I can figure that part out.

What im wondering is... I'm trying to familiarize myself with variables and get good with batch scripting.

At this link I found this interesting. The use of VNC without router modification.


I'm trying to figure out I guess how to execute nsc.exe + add a username and pass + make the icon hidden from the system tray.

I assume something like

cd dirnamensc.exe

then that's where I'm stuck I know there are some switches required to make it quiet I think /q but not sure.

This link here is very useful but doesn't say what all the switches mean

I also assume it would be a registry entry to make the icon hidden then I think the hard part would be the username and pass. I'm sure some way I could code it to actually [tab]username[tab]password[tab][enter] something like that?

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