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C2 - LE - DNS-01


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is there any way to edit the server instance after its running?

ssh / cli access?

prefer to have letsencrypt doing a dns-01 so I don't have to use standard 80/443 
allows for non-standard port usage - and maintain ssl

Not sure that is possible with the current version/s, mabye just a feature request I guess!

Pass needed tokens in launch would be tricky - but possible via an ini I guess located in same directory as binary?

Using this method for unifi / openvpnAS and others now that the methodologies are more standard..
(want to use it for synology, but haven't spent the time on that yet.)

all of that said - Still just having fun with the tools

have all sorts of gear for years and barely started playing with them again,
 updating firmware on my tools just this week - still impressed with the tool sets!
(nice work on MarkVII - ordered that as well!)

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