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  1. Found it was indeed machine specific. (also apologies for spelling errors above) same machine that programming usb used on had the failure. failure however will still execute payload as expected - just odd to get the error. test machine win10 2004 seems to not have any issues with detection and executes payload --- in normal operation - would you exercise detection of OS then execute payload based on os detected? doubt I'd be near the cable to be able to do much active work with it is there any future integration with cloud C2 type of integration being looked
  2. will try to do that.. - didn't catch reply initially bit appreciate the response. Will also admit - could very well be just me - have more machines to test against for error verification - so I should probably do that as well. wanted to document specifically for you guys to see the specific errors - Idea for masqurade is access to the device when connected to a target outside of a known environment, if nearby would be able to access via mobile/wireless device to get access to device - very limited information available on usage, beyond some of the basic ideas of autorun keyb
  3. is there any way to edit the server instance after its running? ssh / cli access? prefer to have letsencrypt doing a dns-01 so I don't have to use standard 80/443 https://letsencrypt.org/docs/challenge-types/#dns-01-challenge allows for non-standard port usage - and maintain ssl Not sure that is possible with the current version/s, mabye just a feature request I guess! Pass needed tokens in launch would be tricky - but possible via an ini I guess located in same directory as binary? Using this method for unifi / openvpnAS and others now that the methodologies are more
  4. bought last month... spent some time today. --- not bad - good idea at least. no issue flashing and updating to 1.5 (worked as advertised) using flash_win64.exe no issue Noticed there is some timing as to programmer > wait > Cable - fire up flasher within seconds of cable going in. wait too long - start over. but plugged into PC and get errors after setting up as AP Mode (not client) shows up as an AP... good there.. Bad if you plug into PC.. Errors on Win10 after flashing at least. https://imgur.com/a/iUb42fB considering re-
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