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Mark V... still useful?


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Hi Everybody,

After seeing the news about the new Mark VII Wifi Pineapple, I though I would pull my old Mark V off of the shelf and see if it still works... it does!

My config is still intact, the clock is still set and it seems to be working (with the Beta 3.0 firmware) quite OK. PineAp is doing it's thing as expected.

Is the Mark V still a useful tool in today's Wifi world? 



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In reference to


Is the Mark V still a useful tool in today's Wifi world?`

 It depends what use you will like to get out of it ..

Firmware is resonably "OK" but it is lacking fanctionality in comarison to latest

if your objective is to get back into the hobby then its a good starting point instead of spending some $$


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