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question on how to upload payloads on omg cable


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The usage of the O.MG Cable is much easier than any keyboard injection tool you have experience with. It's easy to think you must be missing something, but you aren't! It really is that easy. 

Check the help menu for a full listing of the payload syntax (it's basically all duckyscript with some custom commands). And there are some example payloads in the load menu. Don't be afraid to browse around the UI. And remember, you can always re-flash the firmware so don't be afraid to use things like the self destruct functions. 

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Easy Steps to load payloads to the OMG cable. This method will work from a laptop or smartphone. You do not have to type everything in manually to use an already created payload.

  1. Find a payload you want for your OMG cable https://github.com/hak5/omg-payloads/tree/master/payloads/library
  2. Copy the text from the payload 
  3. Connect to the OMG cable wifi 
  4. Bring up the web interface on the OMG cable
  5. Load the slot you want the payload to be saved to then paste in the text
  6. Test run the payload to make sure it works then save it to the same slot.

Now you can run that new payload any time you want from your saved slot. 

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