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basic pentesting 1 on vulvhub from jackk tutorials


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Hey quick question.  I know all of this is quite dated but I just thought I'd play around and see what happens.  So I have the basic pentesting 1 vm from vulnhub.  I'm watching Jackk's ctf walkthough and at the end he wants to modify the passwd file and then send it back through meterpreter to the ctf vm.  His works and he becomes root.  Mine spits out core_channel_open: Operation failed: 1 which according to what I found on google means I don't have permission.  How did he get permission and I didn't when we both did the exact same thing???  Just wondering.  Thanks.

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Well never mind.  I tried reaching out to both the creator of the vulnhub vm and jackk neither of them are probably around.  Anyways I ended up using a different exploit to gain root, then using the python SimpleHTTPServer I was able to rewrite the passwd file like it showed in jackk's video.  So I'm happy.

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