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Unable to connect to Nano (port 1471 closed and ssh password invalid)

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I bought a Pineapple Nano awhile back, and I can't remember what I did during the setup process, but when I tried to connect to it today, port 1471 is closed and the only available open ports are the following:

22/tcp   open  ssh

88/tcp   open  kerberos-sec

1947/tcp open  sentinelsrm

3283/tcp open  netassistant

5900/tcp open  vnc

I have tried to ssh but the password I saved seems not to be working.. Any suggestions on how to reset the Nano back to factory settings, without knowing the password ?

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To perform a factory reset from a fully booted WiFi Pineapple, hold the RESET button for approximately 7 seconds. The device will then reboot. Data not stored on external media (USB / SD) will be erased during this process.
Good luck ..

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