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Is there a program I can use to step through the code? For instance in Visual Basic you can write code and then walk through it to see how it functions? I’ve gone from SD card to ducky about 75 times trying to get one script to run...?

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VB won't help you.  Just take your program apart line by line and run it in either the run window, the command line, or ps.  It's really quite easy and I do that all the time.  More than likely if your payload isn't working then the timing is too aggressive.  Put longer delays between lines.  Add delays between lines and enters (that's a big one).  Just delay the crap out of your payload.  A lot of payloads on here are way too aggressive.  I know the ducky is fast at typing but if it's still typing a huge line and ENTER is the next line and there's no delay between them, I've seen it not finish the previous line before hitting enter.  Slow it down, verify it works, and slowly speed it back up to where it either runs or it doesn't.  Which payload are you trying to use?

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