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AWUS036NEH - Nano Compatibility


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I recently found an AWUS036NEH from when I was using a Mark 5 and today plugged it into the Nano to use in Client Mode. Every time I've done a scan and asked it to connect, the Nano has bricked.

In terms of behavior, the system is perfectly fine but once I ask the AWUS036NEH to connect to an AP in Client Mode via the AWUS wlan2, the Nano seems to reset and only broadcast it's default Pineapple_ SSID (My open and management AP disappear). The only way to get the Nano back is a full system reset. On the AP I asked the Nano to connect to, it has a valid IP and the LED for the AWUS036NEH is blinking as if traffic is flowing.

I thought it was something to do with power but it's operating on a full 2A USB charger for an iPad. Firmware version is 2.7

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