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Electronics, Coursework?


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So im just bout to start my AS electronics coursework, the project suggestions that they have give to use are really, well easy actually. I have almost 2 months to design, build and document a circuit and the examples they have given would only take a week or so, and i would like to challeng my self. Im totally stuck for ideas so can you guys help me out. I was thinking about something with a practical use but it doesn't really matter

The following stuff is what i know about electronics (ive only been doing it a year):


Logic Gates


555 timers

Voltage Dividers/counters

Display Drivers

7 segment displays

and all the basic stuff capacitors,diodes, resistors ect

Ive got time to research and learn other stuff. So anything new i can look up, as long as its not to hard complex.

O i almost forgot ive used Picaxe chips before so i can use them, and the circuit has to have at least 4 sub systems.



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guy in my school for A2 level (the one above yours) did a music player, that used infra red detors to detect what room you are in and play music in that room and if you changed room the music followed. pretty nifty

another did a car alarm that sounds vibrates sounds and lights up a key ring when activated.

personally wehn i come to do my GSCE tec project im gona do a automatic case fan controller that adjusts fan speed due to the temp

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