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Trying to secure my web browsing


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Hello guys!

I am new here and i have searched for some answers but i got nothing. Heres the thing, i just moved into my new apartment and my land lord that lives upstairs gave my girlfriend and I the wifi password. SO we share wifi with him and his family. we also do not have a wired connection. He also said we we using a work vpn so he would be notified if i use any x rated sites... so that wierd

So  questions are 

1. Am I safe ? could he possible be seeing the stuff i am doing? like bank info or social accounts ?

2. How can I protect myself ? could get myself a router and connection all my devices to that? ive seen that some of them could use a vpn on the router ?


thanks alot guys!!

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I would recommend getting a VPN service. It basically sets up a tunnel between you and a server in a cloud host. 

If you do not get a VPN immediately, you can look into Firefox's encrypted DNS. Basically, when you visit a site it looks up the IP for the domain name you are visiting. This used to be a in plaintext and is how most people spied on what sites you were visiting. If it is encrypted, this snooping is no longer possible.

Most sites use HTTPS, so the content on the page is secure. If you are visiting an HTTP site though, the landlord (if technically sophisticated) could see what site content there was.

Just in general, I highly recommend Firefox's multi-account containers. It will not stop your landlord at all, but it isolates browser sessions so you are not tracked across accounts. For example, I have all my personal emails and bank stuff in one container. Then a container for all my media (reddit, hn, hak5, etc). A separate one for work. This way the trackers can not necessarily associate my gmail account with my reddit browsing.

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