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WiFi Pineapple Nano 6th Generation (2AB87-NANO) - FOR SALE


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I am selling one WiFi Pineapple Nano 6th Generation (2AB87-NANO). The condition is Pre-Owned and is in excellent cosmetic and functional shape. The sale includes 2 factory long-range antennas, the Nano device, and a variety of Hak5 stickers.

I hope this isn't against the rules and please PM me if this is an issue, but I am currently selling it on ebay here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/WiFi-Pineapple-Nano-6th-Generation-Hak5-2AB87-NANO-HAK5/362857696962?epid=1925210926&hash=item547c010ec2:g:gNYAAOSwcB1d-sNw

I'm willing to consider any best offers. I wanted to give this community the heads up first and you've been a source of valuable education and expertise. Once again, I hope I am not running afoul of any rules.

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