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X-Ufhash NNTP header query


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Hi, all
I'v been posting on newsgroups/usenet and trying to figure out how to query the X-Ufhash NNTP header that returns a long encrypted string to get meaningfull info
X-Ufhash : ZaQJEMf5JdvcWEOleKoXo4ljK0hv5rauvinj9qfPFH9gkEPA9vOw7Jqtkzj1SWuX6Q8ZeGvPfoGqFZipnXALeUtU8QLJQ513NMFAEVrNG2z3xZ48ksSy%2BKsEFCn6UJps8tZrNOrMiMKF%2FNofAzkyepiHCjV5CTN9PZ%2BV54b86ugEh9hPoGwPMgxFJJ8naz5uHr%2BHog6zUm4qfvxfrhgiuz17g%2BMO07eqsGuJ

is there some kind of way to decode ?
any ideas ?

thank's in advance

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thank's for your help kdodge using urldecode, from the hex table I'v then converted to a list of IP/integers.
the first 4 of those


65a40910    1705249040
c7f925db    3354994139
dc5843a5    3696772005
78aa17a3    2024413091

that is line 1 (00000000)
65 a4 09 10 c7 f9 25 db  dc 58 43 a5 78 aa 17 a3

were found in the TOR log, begin the last 4 IPs including the exit node, however beyond line 1 no IP/integers
within the TOR log. this leaves me very puzzled!
what happens to the lines 2 .. 11 {00000010 .. 000000a0} and thier associated IP/integers ?

I have chatted with a few darkweb hackers using TOR on forums an noone can get a clear idea of what is going on ???

this raises a few interesting questions ...
why I do ONLY get a partial list of matches ?
that do the other lines relate to ?
might there be something wrong ?

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