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How to use more than one default Gateway?


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Just a quick Q.

I would like to setup a web server to point through to a differnet gateway than the mail server on the same PC any idea's?

Port 80 to local GW 253

Port 25 to local GW 254

Port 110 to local GW 254

I can set some IP's to point through to diffent GW using Route Add command but that sends all traffic through that GW.

Any software I can use??? any idea's would be helpful?



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I know this would work, but I don't know it's it's the best way (it's definitely not the only way).

The easiest way is probably just to have two physical network adapters with different IP address, just bind the different services to corresponding IP address of the network device.

If you desperately need to do it with a single NIC, you will probably have to start looking at firewalls and other such software. I don't think windows can do this by it's self at the software level.

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Unless MS has turned over a new leaf on it's lastest release I highy doubt that the firewall will be as versatile as linux. Would be nice to know, I might research more into this.

P.S It would be good to see the lads do a segment on vista, in the coming months.


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