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A bug in the nmap scan payload?


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Hey @Darren Kitchen

I may have found a bug in the sample nmap payload, or perhaps all payloads. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

At some point the count number in my nmap output files stopped advancing beyond 3. After I figured out how to execute the payload manually from SSH, by looking at the the /usr/bin/shark_framework file:

bash -C payload/payload.sh 

I started seeing this error:

payload/payload.sh: line 29: /etc/shark/nmap/scan-count: cannot overwrite existing file

Line 29 is:


And the error is coming from the "bash -C". According to man bash, "-C  If set, disallow existing regular files to be overwritten by redirection of output."

Perhaps it was supposed to be a lower-case "c"? Probably not, because with -c I get:

bash: payload/payload.sh: Permission denied

Hope this makes sense.

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