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I have a question about the payload folder. Is the only content allowed in the /root/payload/ folder the payload.sh file? Are subfolders not allowed?

I was thinking about creating a little archive of different payloads, by creating subfolders with a short name of the payload and the payload.sh file inside, so I could quickly copy over the script for a different task. It seems that the SJ will not launch the payload.sh if there are subfolders in there.

I know the issue can be easily solved, by putting that stuff in some other folder, but if this is by design, I did not run across that limitation in the docs, so other may find it useful to know to keep the payload folder tidy.


Oh, and thanks so much Darren for creating this wonderful little tool! I'm trying to write some demo payloads to impress my boss. One of the uses I was thinking, an nmap scan when onboarding a new client, and performing a preliminary network to get a better idea of devices on the network. And having the Loot files already waiting on the cloud server before we even leave the building would be awesome.

And this:


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Glad to hear that the Shark Jack is working out for you. I don't know if this comes across on the videos but I'm really proud of it.

As for the payloads, the convention we established with the Bash Bunny was to create a directory called "Library" in which you can carry multiple payloads. It may be fruitful to store that in /root/ using a git clone. 

Your idea of storing multiple payloads to swap out on the device is something we've been giving thought on how to best facilitate - so I'm sure as the product matures we'll have a great solution for.

Happy hacking 🙂

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