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Nano - USB tethering - tablet suggestions?

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Hello, so I got my Tetra last week and I love it (still learning to use it). My dilemma, I have iphone xr my employer provides, do not want to use it for pen-testing. I had android phone, got rid of it - did not need it. i HAD a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - with no tethering capabilities (version 7.2 android OS) which now after trying to root it, is a boot anchor - literally. I screwed it up.

So - question - I have several laptops, one runs kali which I am using for tetra - does anyone have any suggestions on what I can buy new or used that does not require me to have monthly cell phone service fee, basically a tablet which I can download and run Pineapple AP interface on? I can easily bring my laptop to public areas to pen-test (in a closed area with permission!) but looking for something smaller and more discreet, but big enough screen I can use with my nano. I am old so bigger screens are better, maybe a tablet or cellphone? I thought older cell phone or tablet as long as it will allow me to tether (just do download the AP program)  and I will be good. Does the Nano pickup wifi also? It looks like it does, and the videos shows wifi adapter. Just wanting info - nano will be arriving next week. Thanks

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