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  1. I just got Wifi Pineapple Nano, and last week I received the Tetra Tactical. It is such great tool, I really appreciate the support Hak5 provides, and some of the others that help out in the forums. One of the biggest things I really like is the true open-source involved with products. It is easy to run a script, but when having to learn the ins and outs of basics (been watching lot of videos) and nice to be a small part of the community. Amazingly, I work full time in IT (over 20 years), now additionally tutor at local college (IT Certifications) and I have 6, working on my 7th cert, Hak5 pro
  2. Personally I have Lenovo t520, someone mentioned SSD drive, I have 2 same exact models, one SATA and one SSD. I use SATA for Kali dedicated, and SSD I have Win 10, and VM with Parrot. So far, it is nice to have dedicated T520 for Kali. I never thought I would put stickers on things, but just got tetra last week and ordered nano today, now my kali laptop has hak5 sticklers all over it! Sadly, I tried to root my Samsung Tablet as it had no tethering capabilities for the nano, it is bricked - now I will breakdown and spend $$ on probably used tablet with tethering capabilities for nano. Definitel
  3. Hello, so I got my Tetra last week and I love it (still learning to use it). My dilemma, I have iphone xr my employer provides, do not want to use it for pen-testing. I had android phone, got rid of it - did not need it. i HAD a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - with no tethering capabilities (version 7.2 android OS) which now after trying to root it, is a boot anchor - literally. I screwed it up. So - question - I have several laptops, one runs kali which I am using for tetra - does anyone have any suggestions on what I can buy new or used that does not require me to have monthly cell phone service
  4. Hello, so after finally getting it up and going just got Tetra - few questions: 1. Does anyone use USB memory stick on back of Tetra? If so, how big should I get, and format it for Linux, plug and play? 2. Do people generally leave the units plugged in even if not home for long time (8 hours?) - I just did not want to power off and on unnecessarily if possible? Also only way of powering it off seems to unplug power? 3. How many modules do people generally download and use? I read somewhere in forums to not use internal memory to much on Tetra? I assume that is where the memory
  5. Hello everyone, I just got my Tetra Elite Tactical, taking few days but finally understanding it. Have few questions, let me preface by saying I have watched the Hak5 youtube videos, Wiki and just about to purchase the book! I have done my research, even called Darren and he answered questions for me (Thanks man!). 1. Does the Tetra (brand new) only get signals in/out from what it sees? I have been successful doing Dwall on my own apartment, but when I try to reach out I am having problems getting clients, following the primer video instructions and I am able to pull in my mobile device
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