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A little confused


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I just received my tetra and i have some questions. Please help me!

Configured/Setup it via WiFI. (because no way to access it with USB (nothing show up at pc, and with LAN no IP assignment)

After throygh WIFi setup, I connected it with LAN with my modem/router, got IP


  1. DWall, i click enable, start listening, pineapple gif appears animating, "DWall is currently running" but nothing appears. (my cellphone is connected as client "Free_Wifi" and i visit "pelop.gr" )
  2. I have "Free_Wifi" for targets, the same time when i broadcast "SSID pool" (e.g. Matrix)  the "Free_Wifi" disappears and appears "Matrix" and after a while "Matrix" disappears and "Free_Wifi" appears and goes on. Is this suppose to happen?
  3. If i have more than one SSID at pool it broadcasts only one SSID at the time. Then the 2nd and not the 1st,  then 3rd and none of the 1st and 2nd. It swaps them (this is what i see at my cellphone device). And if one of them bradcasting the "Free_Wifi" is not there. Is this suppose to happen?
  4. Sometimes it doesnt broadcast the SSIDs which are at the pool! I have placed a couple and as I see at my wifi no Pool SSIDs are broadcasting, nothing!!! After a reboot, broadcasts for some mintutes and then nothing.
  5. When one of the cases (2), (3), (4) happen the " Management SSID" disappears.
  6. At PineAP Logged Probes I get " There are no logged probes for this MAC Address. " at the 99% of the cases!
  7. At PineAP if i get a result (the 1% case) it shows ONLY one, the SSID which the "target" is currently connected. My target devices have at least 5!
  8. When I use "Deauth Clients" (Deauth Multiplier 10) even in 10 the Death is not working, i tried on me and my brother's tablet and doesnt disconnect from my home's wifi. Even if i click "Deauth" button several times.

I hope i get the answers, i know maybe to someone these may sound stupid questions but i tried on line, i hope someone spends sometime on this topic, i was 10 hrs trying to figure out these things, with videos and sites and i didnt find any solutions.

** These options "ticked": Allow Associations , PineAP Daemon: Enable, Beacon Response, Broadcast SSID Pool
THANK U in advance!!!
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