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  1. Hi wasteland. I have problem to make the first setup with USB so i used LAN. This what happened and you cannot access is because your Pineapple device is connected with LAN cable so it has a new IP from the modem/router. Log in to your router, find out what IP address you Pineapple device has and use that to your browser in order to access your pine device. do NOT forget the :1471 at the end.
  2. Hi, I just received my tetra and i have some questions. Please help me! Configured/Setup it via WiFI. (because no way to access it with USB (nothing show up at pc, and with LAN no IP assignment) After throygh WIFi setup, I connected it with LAN with my modem/router, got IP Issues: DWall, i click enable, start listening, pineapple gif appears animating, "DWall is currently running" but nothing appears. (my cellphone is connected as client "Free_Wifi" and i visit "pelop.gr" ) I have "Free_Wifi" for targets, the same time when i broadcast "SSID pool"
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