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I have a question.

If there is a threat of DDoS attck  for your web site or any hosted solution would you rather go for complete all-in-one service or have hosted solution separated and order just DDoS protection as service? I'm asking because I'm checking ddos-guard.net which seem to be offering both of them. But to be honest I do not mind remain being hosted with my current host, or I should better do so?

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Is this a site you host in-house or on a hosting service somewhere?  If it's in-house, I'd upgrade to a better firewall that handles this sort of thing and other types of attacks.  There are many out there at various price points that handle intrusion protection.  If its a hosting service, then the DOS should be affecting more than your site if those server resources are shared.  I'd either get them involved to find out where the DDoS is coming from and block it, or find another hosting provider.

To answer your question specifically, I'd go with an all-in-one firewall appliance that physically sits between you and your network.

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