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I will be doing a small presentation to a local InfoSec group that I co-host. The presentation will be over all the Hak5 gear I own and how I use them for my current role. As this is a small group of individuals that are just getting started in InfoSec, I am curious on any suggestions on how best to present these tools/toys. I know for the most part people will be excited to see all the tools/toys and I want to make sure I am delivering the right message as to not just go out to buy all the tools/toys I have, as I have put in a lot of time to understand how a lot of the features and function of each. I am not sure if this makes sense or not, sometimes words or wording is not my specialty. This is another reason I am presenting as I need to improve this skill.

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Guess it depends on what Hak5 tools/toys you have.  Packet squirrel and lan turtle make great reverse VPNs if you have those capabilities.  Rubber ducky and bash bunny are great for automation.  Thanks to another forum member I recently dusted off my rubber ducky and started writing little bat files that the rubber ducky will call and run.  I just use them to get system information on PCs but it's quite fun.  Then off topic you could always explain how a rpi can mimic most of these tools.

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