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Lenovo N23 Chromebook battery sticks at 1%

Joey Ketcham

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Hey all, new to this forum. Came across this forum while trying to research an issue I'm having and trying to find a resolution.

I work in Technology for a school district and last school year I got Lenovo N23 Chromebook's in for our 8th grade class, we're 1:1 with our 8th grade students. Almost 2 months after getting the Chromebooks in, a large chunk of them wouldn't charge. The battery just sticks at 1% and won't go past it. In researching, I came across an old thread on here from like 2017 that had some steps that the poster said worked for his but didn't work for me. It consisted of opening the Chromebook, disconnecting the battery from the system board and then plugger the power cord back in and after a bit plugging the battery back in. Went through those steps and not only did I never get a red light indicating no battery, it didn't fix my issue.

I'm sitting on 60 Chromebooks that have this exact same problem, and I fail to believe that 60 Chromebooks - out of the box - have bad batteries. Anyone have any suggestions? 

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Just now, Rkiver said:


Contact Lenovo/your supplier.

Yes, I've reached out to my vendor. They've been of no help... like I said, I fail to believe that the battery in 60 Chromebooks happened to go bad at the exact same time. There has to be an easy resolution to this besides having to submit RMA's for all 60 individual Chromebooks, then box them up and ship them all back. 

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Something to try, see if there is a new bios and update it.

Also with lenovos, power off. remove battery, unplug,  hold power button for 30 seconds.

Plug in battery, plug in  power, boot up.

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