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Questions about the Terminal Window


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When I click on the Terminal tab I see 2 buttons under setting. "Stop Session" & "Stop SSH Connection". I am not sure what the difference is exactly. Anyone have any info on this? 

Additionally are you guys finding the C2 Terminal window a stable and reliable why to interface with your devices? I am trying it on my 2 LanTurtle 3Gs.I am not having a consistent experience. 

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There has been some updates to C2 since you've originally posted, which may fix your stability issues. I would try that first. And then maybe expand a little more on what kind of issues you are seeing and some more info about your setup, etc. 

Personally, I only use the Signal Owl and the SharkJack and both connect fine and upload loot without issues. The Terminal connection to the Owl works perfect, but I'm not able to connect to the Shark Jack via Terminal from C2, so it seems to vary by device.

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