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  1. Once the VPN is on can you connect to the turtle by ip? If so can you then connect to the box form the turtle? Can you ping the box from the turtle? I have found I need IP address when I vpn from my phone to anything. DNS doesn't seem to pick up. Maybe I am doing it wrong but IP address seem to work fine. YMMV
  2. I got mine working by dropping out of the turtle app and first ssh from bash. Then once I had it running from bash the auto ssh module worked great.
  3. Artie, Yep it was easy. I added APN: h2g2 per google settings and I added google dns Then unplugged it and back in and I was on. Love this hardware. Wish I could use the one I keep in my bag as a cell modem for on the go but since google isn't charing me to keep it around I will keep it there until I have a new deploy spot. Enjoy
  4. For my 4 options I have me@mybox.com I have my ssh port I use on mybox.com. 22 I have the port on that box I will see open and use to connect back on 2222 for the last option its the port on my turtle that ssh runs on. 22 I found I had to run it first from the command prompt and approve the server before it would work. Also I put in a crontab to restart every day otherwise I seem to not have a connection when I look for it a month later. YMMV
  5. I got my google fi data only card today and put it in my turtle 3g. I added APN: h2g2 per google settings and I changed the dns from the T-Moble ip to Worked after a hard plug. Typing reboot in the terminal didn't work. I am able to reverse shell into it while its plugged into a USB power supply with no cable attached. Great hardware.
  6. I have noticed the ' also but it still seems to work for me. I am assuming you have run netstat -lt4 on your vps to make sure the port is live? I am also assuming you are able to see the port go live if you type out the autossh command after you exit the turtle shell. I always seem to need to ssh in before I get it all working. Hope I am not stating the very obvious. Just trying to help since no one replied.
  7. Am I the only one who ever thought of doing this with my Turtle or (more likely) is the answer so obvious that everyone is laughing that I asked?
  8. Mule I have 2 Turtle 3Gs. Both are running V5. Both tested plugged into a USB power adaptor with no network cable. SSH in using the Auto SSH module and my VPS. Both have T-Mobile cards. config interface '3gwan' option device '/dev/ttyACM0' option proto '3g' option service 'umts' option dns '' option metric '10' option disabled '0' config interface '3gwan' option device '/dev/ttyACM0' option proto '3g' option service 'umts' option metric '10' option disabled '0' option apn 'epc.tmobile.com' option dns '' The second is the new one and the 3G didn't work after v4 to v5 update until I used the apn and DNS from your above post. A
  9. Mule Turns out my Turtle was running V4. I updated and the 3g stoped working. I added the settings you found and posted above and I was back in business. Thanks for posting them. I didn't realize mine didn't ship with v5. You did mention that you were using V5 in your first post. I should have checked. Oh well. I now have C2 working and my devices showing up in it. My only turtle task left is to figure out some setting so that I can use the 3g over the USB. effetely making it a USB modem. Seems better than killing my phone battery. Oh well that's for another night. A
  10. Mule, Thanks for the info on the Wan Fallback. I had setup my turtle with the auto ssh module. I have it plugged into a USB power supply and no other connections for testing. So from there I am able to reverse from my VPS. I did config it originally with the 172 address. Thats how I was able to confirm that it's working. I did have the sim in backward the first time. I had put the bent edge in first. Once that didn't work I consulted the documentation and found out the the bent edge sticks out I was all good.
  11. I was able to get mine working with tmoble with no settings. Once I got the sim in the correct way it just worked. When I go to the Turtle Interface and look at the Config 3G Modem all I see is for DNS and 120 for Fallback time. The rest are blank. I am able to ssh to it from a vps with no network cable plugged in. What does the enable wan fall back do?
  12. Is it possible to use the turtle 3g as a cell modem. So that if its in my bag and I am out and about, I could plug it into my lap top and not need to connect to my cell phone? I would assume I would need to edit /etc/config/network or use the route command but I am not sure of the details I would need. Seems like it has all the hardware needed. I see other hardware on the web made for this task but I have the Turtle and works great. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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