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  1. The mistake I made with the factory reset the first time I did it was not using the LAN Turtle Recovery Firmware from the bottom of the download page. I also remember having trouble finding the rest button on 3G. Its no the opposite side from the pictures as they are all standard Lan Turtles. Once I got the correct firmware and followed the directions it all worked when for me each time. Hope that helps.
  2. Pale Emp1re There is a factory reset doc located at https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/categories/360000979313-LAN-Turtle with the other docs. It is easy to reset. Just make sure you download the factory recovery firmware and not the the standard build. Also on my Turtle 3G the reset button was on the other side from the pictures in the manual but still worked as documented. Hope it helps.
  3. I installed 6.2 today. Then added the module Autossh with a few others. I configured autossh on my Lan Turtle 3G. I can ssh using the cert I generated at the prompt to my VPS but the autossh connection never seems to happen. I also notice that when I click on Stop in the interface it never shows that its stopped. Toggleing the Enable Disable shows correctly. So I disabled. Saved and rebooted. Logged back in and says Current Status: Started Boot Status Disabled. See Attached. I also tried enabling it and rebooting. Still no star next to it. Also when I check the ports on my VPS it shows my old turtle but not this one. I could roll back to 5. Was excited to try the new Cloud C2 version with my gear. Anyone know how to get this working?
  4. I think the docs they provide are helpful. https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/categories/360000979313-LAN-Turtle I do think the guide is the same for the 3g and regular turtle. I have found a lot of uses for my 3g and ended up with a second. I think they are great. Also I have found that when I have a specific question, the people here seem very willing to help.
  5. When I use https on my C2 I get to it via https://c2.mysecretsite.com I don't use port 8080 I am running this command in roots crontab @ reboot /root/web/c2_community-linux-64 -hostname c2.mysecretsite.com -db /root/web/c2.db -https If that helps. A
  6. Okay I know you didn't ask and maybe I am the only old person that will be get the joke but shouldn't the device be called Lan Shark.
  7. Brilliant. Much better than my idea. I marked your post so I can run it on my new pi when it arrives.
  8. Maybe make that a script and put a wait 30 at the beginning so that the rest of the system is booted? When you run that command manually does it stay running?
  9. When I click on the Terminal tab I see 2 buttons under setting. "Stop Session" & "Stop SSH Connection". I am not sure what the difference is exactly. Anyone have any info on this? Additionally are you guys finding the C2 Terminal window a stable and reliable why to interface with your devices? I am trying it on my 2 LanTurtle 3Gs.I am not having a consistent experience.
  10. I take screen shots of the turtle interface setting and scp my .ssh folder. Doesn't take as long as setting it back up again. I agree that the process is a drag. Thinking about it, all the configs must be stored as text files somewhere on the device. Seems we could write a script to transfer them off the device and then another script to transfer them back. Anyone have any info on the config files?
  11. I am confused since I see the -p with 2022. I thought you only use one. Either -p or -R. Am I just not understanding the command.
  12. Was thinking about that but I waned to check out the new C2 and I have to upgrade everything to get it to all work together. It is a drag that you can't just update the C2 version without new firmware on all your devices.
  13. Having the same issue with auto ssh. Screen grabbed all settings and copied off .ssh fold before update. Can't get it to work through the Turtle app but can connect to VPS from command line.
  14. Once the VPN is on can you connect to the turtle by ip? If so can you then connect to the box form the turtle? Can you ping the box from the turtle? I have found I need IP address when I vpn from my phone to anything. DNS doesn't seem to pick up. Maybe I am doing it wrong but IP address seem to work fine. YMMV
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