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Clients not connecting


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Hi - sorry for the n00b query, I'm just starting out with my Nano!

I've added my three phones' MACs to the filter and set it to allow.
I've set PineAP to allow associations
Log PineAP Events is on
PineAP Daemon is enabled
Autostart PineAP is enabled
Beacon response and Broadcast SSID pool are both on
(Beacon response interval and broadcast SSID pool are both set to normal)
I have 240 SSIDs in my pool and I'm getting a lot of probes (including from one of my three test phones)
But the three phones are not connecting (a Nokia 3.1, an Alba 4, an iPhone 4S)

Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!

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Could it be that they do not connect, if your NANO can't deliver internet to the 3 phones ?

I have seen this many time on my own NANO. If there is no internet, my devices connect for a few sec and disconnect.  If there is internet, they stay connected.


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