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Internal Servers Refuse Connections

Hak Boffin

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Okay, so I'm at a loss.  I've gone through and setup an OpenVPN access server, and I can get my phone and the turtle to connect to it.  However, I can't connect from my phone (external) to one of the servers on my network.  I get that the server "refused to connect".  As far as I can tell, the VPN is working to connect me to the network (I get a different result if the VPN on one of the devices is off).  What step am I missing?

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Once the VPN is on can you connect to the turtle by ip? If so can you then connect to the box form the turtle? Can you ping the box from the turtle?

I have found I need IP address when I vpn from my phone to anything. DNS doesn't seem to pick up. Maybe I am doing it wrong but IP address seem to work fine. 




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I'm using all IPs.  I can connect to both the internal (home network) IP and the "external" (VPN network) IP of the turtle.  So it appears that that's all setup, but for whatever reason when I try to connect directly to my internal servers via SSH I get an immediate connection lost with "ECONNREFUSED" as the error.  Screenshot attached.  I can ssh to my server from the turtle fine, which is great, but I want to be able to hit the websites hosted on the service as well and get connection refused in the web browser on the remote device (phone in this case).


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