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Trojans and HackTool Issues Identified post payload update


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I am just getting started with the Bash Bunny, and it's payloads... so pardon me... but should I be concerned with the "Threats" identified by Windows Defender when I updated the payloads using the auto updater?

I'm not sure if these are actually part of the payload that I need, or a potential nefarious attack on my or others system. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!


file: H:\.payload_repo\payloads\library\credentials\DumpCreds\PS\invoke-m1m1k@tz.ps1


file: H:\.payload_repo\payloads\library\exfiltration\browserData\Get-BrowserData.ps1


file: H:\.payload_repo\payloads\library\remote_access\USB_Intruder\USB_Intruder\shell.bat



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AV will trigger because the payloads that are copied to the BB are tagged as bad by AVs.  Mimikatz is a password grabber bit is a payload for the BB to get passwords.  so, yelp it will trigger bit if you are using the updater from the official site then it will just be copying them to the BB.


If you are worried, you can always do the updating manually.

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Not so much worried about the auto updater per se, I was more worried about the actual contents of some of the payloads, being a noob and all, and not knowing if those items were supposed to be in the files. Thanks for the clarification 🙂

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