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Packet Loss


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I am monitoring a system for intermittent connection issues.  The system is configured as:

DEVICE 1 <------> Packet Squirrel 1 <------> SWITCH <------> Packet Squirrel 2 <------> DEVICE 2

The cables are 6ft, 1ft, 1ft, and 10ft respectively

I occasionally see a packet at PS1 but not at PS2.  Thinking it may be the switch, I changed the 100MB switch to a 1GB switch from different manufacturer.

This got me wondering if the packet squirrels were recording all traffic.  There is about 3600 packets per minute flowing between the 2 devices, with the total traffic being about 1.68MB/minute, or 28KB/sec.  The largest packet is 1514 bytes.

I then swapped the packet squirrels and saw packet loss on PS2, kinda ruling out the packet squirrels.  This led to a question of the thumb drives, trying to eliminate possibilities.

I am using SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 64GB thumb drives.

Has anyone had issues with certain thumb drives and the packet squirrels?

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