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old email address being stalked

Flying Bricked

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short version - too many three letter shop name companies monitoring  & slowing down my mail so should I transfer to another or b u r n and re spawn to a new crispier email like proton or  something less safe?


Have had an email address since the big G started (get invited times) , I had to use internet cafes etc for connection,  years later decided to reinstall W7 for a new year fresh start.  I decided to chose a new computers name as well       and     this is where it goes sideways. 

hak5 did a segment about crazy WiFi modem names and on a crazy whim, decided to name my PC a three letter shop name I won't type (once - head bitten off, twice shy) Who would dare go near this PC if they saw it on the open WiFi circuit? Well yes actually,  any BIG country with similar three/four letter shop names. ! Krap I . I noticed my PC slowing down @ about week 3, then the sideways jackknifed,  PC bricked.  I had to use the libraries internet to find a solution and unhacked my PC back. Is that Haching or un-Hacking?.

Re installed windows and then noticed my email and twitter account done too.

I went cold for a few months and then decided to try and claim my email back. Got access and changed to a 20 digit PW. plus did every other password I have.

Now I have just had to give the local police my email to send me some forms and they said the email won't work. (It works for 4000 other emails since the jackknifing) Had to give them my personal address. (Opps)(Thinks that was stupid hindsight)

CONCLUSION: What I noticed is how much faster the hardly ever used email works. ~ 4x. Did a few speed tests with all my email address and my old work dog is the difference between throwing a dead Kookaburra  compared to a Boomerang (aka stick)

same question though

should I transfer to another or  respawn to a new crispier email and start will all new paper trail?

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