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Payload and config Questions


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i have not posted here in a while. and my level of skill is not very high. (still learning not quite noob but in no way Seb or Darren) 

iv changed password on the device and at the moment just want to test the current pre installed payloads., so my first question, 

is it possible to drop the device in to a network, without any configuration changes, i.e. could i put this in between say a wall plug and a printer and start capturing packet dumps. without having to work out what the IP for the network it?

is there away to launch multiple payloads one after the other... i would like if possible to be able to login remotely to the device to check its progress....

or as iv no doubt already answered my own question.... is it better to say drop it in in Open VPN mode then, connect and launch the other scripts that i want/need. 


at the moment im happily attacking my home network. before i take to work and start using it in my day to day. 

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