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  1. Sorry i thought i had Hid Edit on the same Form, did not mean to add more the 1 post.... ALSO in Updated News, The VPN is working now. is it possible to get either SSH or Web interface from the Tunnel is to come in form my network on <the ip of the pineapple) so that i can manage the device. yes i know about the cloud connection but it dose not allow access to all modules....
  2. I have a Tetra i need to deploy remotely, the internet connection will be on Eth0. the plan is to setup openvpn connection back to my network so that i can monitor the device, (using duth and pineAP) in the network settings i can see a route to default gateway however, when i click on the load bulletins on the front page it does not load, i have reset the device completely and still it wont load/see the internet. any help would be great on this.
  3. Do the devices talk to the c2 cloud environment on 2022 or 443 2022 is terminal/ssh but does it also carry updates to the device. (ie do i need to forward to the device from the router) is there away to move the Website (the htp page) to a different port. like 8443 i don't want the web interface accessible from the WWW and just via VPN, but still have the devices communicate back to the c2 system. is there any documentation or WIKI i can look all of this up, i could not find so i posted here....
  4. I am at the moment having a similar issue, so Can i ask, so we dont end up with a https://xkcd.com/979/ What did you do to fix it??
  5. Realtek site, goese to a 404 page, any other sites to download from ?
  6. i have not posted here in a while. and my level of skill is not very high. (still learning not quite noob but in no way Seb or Darren) iv changed password on the device and at the moment just want to test the current pre installed payloads., so my first question, is it possible to drop the device in to a network, without any configuration changes, i.e. could i put this in between say a wall plug and a printer and start capturing packet dumps. without having to work out what the IP for the network it? is there away to launch multiple payloads one after the other... i would like
  7. Also as a follow up, can the boot options (dip switches) be used to launch a bash script ? if i create a script to cycle log files and such on boot and then start the interfaces i want to use and start applications is it possible or any one tried to do it ?
  8. Hi guys I'm assuming there is no Karma man page / help page on the device its self but i'm wondering is there more of a man page somewhere out in the WWW http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/index.php/Karma got me started but not Quite all the way that i wanted to go, Part of what im trying to do is Launch karma from the dip switches and reset the SSID to something different my thought is to have one dip for karma (just scanning) and then as i get more used to the commands a few other things like DNSspoof and sslstrip or jammer so far to start karma i have ifconfig wlan0 up; hostapd_
  9. Thanks Darren iv emailed details now Yes i attempted to mount the drive /sdb1 but will not mount i get Mount: can't find /sdb1 in /etc/fstab and even if i then modify the fstab manually to have an entry for it i still get the same result
  10. Hi Guys I think my Pineapple that was delivered on wednesday is faulty, im not able to get the SD card to mount on the device at all iv tried a brand new 4G and 32G card however if i use an external USB memory card reader plugged in to the device it works correctly. out put from mounted Drives Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on rootfs 3.8M 448.0K 3.4M 11% / /dev/root 11.3M 11.3M 0 100% /rom tmpfs 30.2M 124.0K 30.1M 0% /tmp tmpfs 512.0K 0 5
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