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Can't get the BB to work


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I'm not sure what I am doing wrong, but I can't get the Bash Bunny to work at all. I noticed that the library on the device is completely empty. I have downloaded a new one (I kept it on my computer for now), but the bunny_helpers.sh file is not included, although the directions say it should be. I believe that this is needed to run custom scripts.

Additionally, a lot of links to supporting documentation are broken. The site which generates BB payloads is worthless. It does not generate anything to download...I know Hak5 has nothing to do with it, but it does reflect on your product. Your GITHub site only has a few "payloads" to download. The support on the Rubber Duck is MUCH better.

Can someone please help me with this - thank you.

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Ok, I updated the firmware and got something to run. I use the Rubber Duck extensively and was able to run some of the same payloads. I tried all of the ones with different attack modes and only the HID scripts run. Again, I'm sure it's me. Does someone have a basic script that uses the ethernet or serial attack modes they can send me? Thank you!

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