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Different language keyboard


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So, i got a rd as a christmas present, and i've been really excited about it. The thing is, can't really test that much out because i live in norway and the keyboard layout is different.

I know i can just change the layout in the settings, but that is not really what i want. I have been trying to find scripts that changes the keyboard layout automatically on any computer, and i found one that supposedly worked. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQAzByNA-sk) this one, link to the actaul script is in the comments. But there is supposedly an error in line one. I'm really new to all this computer stuff and it is probably just a basic error, but i have no idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

PS. sorry if this was poorly explained, ask if something is unclear.

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The idea is very interesting. Which kind of error message do you receive?

It maybe because the payload in the video in the first line says "Duck translator" without the command keyword REM.

Try these powershell commands which he posted on the GitHub page. The first command

powershell.exe Set-WinUserLanguageList -LanguageList en-US -force;

should set the powershell Language to English.

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