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LAN Turtle 3G Modules Won't Start/Enable/Conifigure


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I have a LAN Turtle 3G. I'm using V5 of the firmware. I got the modulemanager to install  QuickCreds,AutoSSH,DDNSC, keymanager, meterpreter-sl,netcat,nmap and responder, however, it doesn't allow me to START, ENABLE or CONFIGURE any of the modules that are available.



When I try to start Responder I get this blank screen


Anybody know what's going on here? 

I tried to start modules from the bash shell, but that doesn't help. Responder just gives it usage help and nothing else.

Its looking more and more like someone at HAK5 needs to do some QC before they release a product, if I tried this at my job, I wouldn't working there any more.

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