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Buttons don't work?


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Alright, after reading through bunches of threads, I've tried every possible solution I can think of.

I have the latest version of firefox.

I have the Flash version switch plugin.

I have the latest version of Java.

I've tried uninstalling flash 9 and reinstalling flash 8.

I've tried running flash v 7 and 8 using the NoScript plugin. I've even just tried flash 9 again.

Blocking the script from Pandora.com did work in letting me run older versions of Flash, and it also seems to have fixed a problem I was experiencing where the pandora player would "float" up on the screen so I could not view the volume bar, pause button, skip to next song button, etc.

But my one problem still remains: none of the buttons work.

The buttons in the pandora player itself work just fine, but everything outside of that does not work. I get no error messages and nothing crashes. It's just that none of the buttons work, so I can't enter in my info at the bottom, can't download songs, etc.

The only thing of note is at the bottom it says "Scripts Partially Allowed: [ <script: 19][J+F+P: 3] but I'm assuming that's just the one it's blocking from pandora.com, but maybe I'm wrong.

Any help would be appreciated... again, I tried to read through as many threads as I could, but if the solution has already been discussed, then I either haven't found it yet or I did not understand that it was the same problem as the one I have.

Thanks! :]

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