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NO Identity in Paging channel during incoming call

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Hi Folks,

I am telecom enthusiast and my love to get into telecom stuff started since the day I opted my degree project with OpenBTS . Well, I keep reading about new projects and tutorials on youtube. It is few days back that I was testing my network in test environment with two phone  connected and happen to take a dump of air interface in wireshark. I noticed few paging msgs with 'no identity' followed by few with TMSI/ TMSISs in them depending upon the paging type  1,2 and 3.

Why there are few paging msgs with no identity? is it some Idle state broadcast paging ?

Looking forward for reply


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The  dump is taken in test network deployed using OpenBTS. TMSI allocation is working and I can see TMSI for each handset on terminal however air interface dump captured using RTL-SDR doesn't show anything useful.

Also, I am using Open Registration feature of OpenBTS setting.

Can you guide how to share file via attachment option because when i select 'insert other media' , it says that i have no existing file to attach. How can I upload from my system?



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