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I'd be remiss if I failed to start this topic with the following: Great Job Hak5 dev team!

I saw the mention of a road map so it's likely you've thought of these already but just in case here is my feature wish list:

  • Definable device phone home URI for use with HTTPd proxy-pass
  • More granular control over server config
    • HTTPS port other than 443
    • Select existing TLS certs in lieu of creating new Let's Encrypt certs
  • Option for client cert authentication to the dashboard
  • Option to output config files for HTTPd of choice (Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, etc.)
  • CloudC2 as a Tor hidden service
  • Device OpenVPN call home to C2

If there are already ways to do all or some of the above please let me know ?


Again fantastic work thus far!

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