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  1. Solution was to set both filters to Deny:
  2. It's been sitting like this for over an hour:
  3. If I'm understanding PineAP -- turning it on and selecting to add SSIDs to the list should start populating SSIDs from my area.... right? It's not. Responding to beacons is not required to simply populate an SSID list is it?
  4. I'd be remiss if I failed to start this topic with the following: Great Job Hak5 dev team! I saw the mention of a road map so it's likely you've thought of these already but just in case here is my feature wish list: Definable device phone home URI for use with HTTPd proxy-pass More granular control over server config HTTPS port other than 443 Select existing TLS certs in lieu of creating new Let's Encrypt certs Option for client cert authentication to the dashboard Option to output config files for HTTPd of choice (Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd,
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