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Nothing in Loot Folder


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Hi, I got my brand new BB, updated using the updater to version 1.5.

Tried a few payloads(the ones that do not require additional tools) such as wifipassdump. switched to attack mode(following all the steps). executed the attack on win7. shows that the payload was executed. LED Green. 

Switched to Arming mode, loot folder but nothing is inside.

tried other pay loads, still same result.

I need help urgently because i have gone through this forum and others, tried everything but nothing is working.

Please reply.

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Check what platform the tools attack. Most of them are Windows 10 rated. If you're running Windows 7 attacks, things may be different.

Also, you'll want to check the Linux partitions loot folder to see if loot has been made there instead. Do this using the serial connection to the bash bunny.

Give those a try. And be patient. Play around and you may get somewhere.

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