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Is there such a thing as "Sirius's Jar" ?


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YES theres a hardware device that does this and the RIAA was trying to get it killed but they failed (YAY) anyways I have no idea what it's called but it should be on google/froogle... however you can only use it if you have a current subscription, so if you want to use it to pirate you're out of luck on this one.

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I know I'm being REALLY cryptic and I'm sorry but I really don't know that much.

I think I first heard of it on cnet's buzz out loud podcast It's all hardware biased I don't think you can interface it with a computer at all so it will give the the shifting features of Pandora. I'll try and track it down for you i really don't know much more then that it is something like it out there.

edit: FOUND IT http://www.timetraxtech.com/ I guess you can use it with your computer.

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