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Hey guys,

Unfortuneatly I do not get cable in my room, cause we do not have enough boxes. I rarely watch T.V anyway though, except for 24!, and would love to watch IPTV on my Television. I saw the newest Eps. of Hak5 and was wondering if I can still do it without a cable box? DO i just have to take an rf modulator and run the video from computer out to the rf modulator and then run the cable from the modulator to my tv... Is it that easy?



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You guys got SCART over there? At one point I had a old WinXP Pro box hooked up to a TV set via S-Video -> SCART. Its pretty much plug and play, worked like a charm and if you only have one PC & TV it works so well. Total cost... about £5 for the cable and a s-video to SCART convertor. Battlefield 2 on a 30" TV? Priceless...

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Right now I have this old laptop andone tv and there right next to each other... could I use your method to hook my laptop to the tv (soon i will have my gaming rig to a nice big screen), What exactly do I need for your method?


Something like that, S-video on end, scart on the other. Plug it in and set up your 2nd monitor/TV via the display properties. Takes seconds. But you'll need a TV with SCART on it.

I'm trying to do the same thing for my laptop.

I don't have an S-video port tho, only DVI. Is there a way of connecting DVI->Composite or DVI->Scart?

Not sure, i assume they must exist. Try your local audio/video shops & random weird electronics shops (every town has one). Or you could make one:


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