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Understanding how things work


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Hi I'm new here and I want to understand how all these amazing tools like,the wifi pineapple and the lan turtle just how they work,how the're built and how would I go about building something of my own?

What are the requirements?

I love understanding how things work. 

I wanted to use some of these amazing tools to help understand how these ideas came to fruition and where is the starting point.

I hope I made myself understandable

If not tell me and I'll try to make myself more understandable.

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Well, to put it simply, you have to learn how your own computer works, then how a network works, then how a wireless network works, and go from there.

There is a topic about learning how to hack if that helps?


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I appreciate it advice but I already have a pretty good understanding in computers and networks.

I was looking for a specific subject namely customising hardware to my particular use like the WiFi pineapple.

I also have a strong understanding in hardware.

I'll check out the forum u suggested though

Thank u


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