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problems with firewalls


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hello there!

My friend asked me to try to get acces to his computer.
First off i tried scanning it with Nmap, his firewall seems to keep bouncing it off.

I tried to do the basic things like -f,-D,--mtu (8), D RND:10 but nothing seems to work, i keep getting the response that all ports are filtered.
The other problem is that my kali in vm keeps losing his signal, while the host pc has no connection loss what so ever, one time im online the other time im offline.


I hope someone could help me out with my problem.

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2 minutes ago, Rkiver said:

That's not a problem with the firewall.

That's the firewall doing it's job.

i know that the firewall is doing it's job, but for me it is a problem..

i have full permission from the owner, i just need some help to get pass it.

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